One of the most common questions Debt Advisors are asked when someone is enquiring into a Protected Trust Deed in Scotland is, what debts can be taken into the plan?

Really any unsecured debt can be taken into the plan and you cannot leave out a creditor as this would show preference to the creditor you are leaving out.

What is unsecured debt? As simple as it sounds, so any debt that is not tied to an asset. Debts tied to an asset can be mortgages, hire purchase item, PCP etc… Can I keep my mortgage or hire purchase if I take a Protected Trust Deed in Scotland? Yes! Your advisor will check your eligibility that we refer you on to but if accepted you can keep things like your home and car.

Please note you cannot take SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) debts into a Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland.

Debts that can be included in the Protected Trust Deed (PTD)

Personal loans


Credit Cards


Mail Order / Catalgoues

Utility arrears (such as gas/electric)

Council Tax Arrears

Rent Arrears

Child Maintenance Arrears

Phone or Communication Bills

Credit Union Debts

Overpayments from DWP or HMRC

Local Council Debts

Mortgage Shortfalls

Hire Purchase Shortfalls

Payday Loans

Insurance Debts

Tax Debts from HMRC