Wage Arrestment affecting you? We can help!

Wage Arrestment information

A Wage Arrestment is also known as an Earnings arrestment means that a percentage of the debtor’s earnings will be taken by their employer to settle the outstanding debt balance. Before an Earnings arrestment can happen a County Court Judgement will have been granted by the courts. An attachment of earnings can only occur if a debtor has missed one or more payments on a County Court Judgement. If the debtor has fallen behind with a payment then the court can use an attachment of earnings to recover the debt for the creditor.

Is a Wage Arrestment common?

Yes. Wage Arrestments are very common in the United Kingdom. It’s possible to have more than one Arrestment. Depending on how much you owe and who you owe. This will play in a part and may result in a Conjoined earnings arrestment.

This can happen when you owe more multiple people money, and several have arrested your wages at the same time. It does not mean you pay more. Your employers pay the money over to the sheriff clerk in your local sheriff court, who splits it up and distributes it to the creditors.

Wage Arrestment

How can we stop Wage Arrestments?

If you have debts totalling together to £5,000 you may qualify for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed which can have the following benefits;

  • Pay what you can afford each month for four years and be debt-free!
  • Stop all legal action from your creditors
  • Stop all action from Sheriff Officers, including arresting your earnings!
  • Freeze all interest & charges
  • No setup or monthly management fees!
  • Stop all contact from your creditors
  • Write off all debt that is not affordable
  • Keep your home & car!
  • Keep your contract phone & a normal bank account!

(Please note this may affect your credit file)

We have multiple debt solution plans, Our most popular being the Trust Deed. A Protected Trust Deed is an affordable payment plan. One of our agents can tell you how much you are required to pay per month. This amount is calculated from your income and expenses/assets. During the Trust Deed period, no creditors or sheriff officers can contact you. Depending on your circumstances you are typically debt-free in four years. As stated above the Trust Deed comes with multiple benefits. The main con is that it may affect your credit file.

Check your eligibility

The minimum amount of debt for a Trust Deed is £5,000. You can apply for a Protected Trust Deed by clicking here. If you wish to contact us on our social media platforms you can press here to be directed to our Facebook. Visit the Contact us page on our website and fill in the information required and we will be in contact with you. We will respond during our office hours are Monday – Thursday. 09:00 – 20:00. Fridays 09:00 – 17:00.

Scottishtrustdeed.info offer free debt advice and financial help. You will not be charged for using our services, However, we may receive a fee for the services provided.