Where do you turn to when struggling with debt? The bank? Citizens Advice? Where to find debt help.

Ever struggled with your personal debt & wondered where to find free debt help?

Here at www.scottishtrustdeed.info we get enquiries every single day from people in Scotland looking for free debt help and the relief comes straight away as many people don’t know what help is out there and where to get it.

Generally when struggling with debt many people in Scotland will visit their local Citizens Advice Bureau to seek help on what to do with defaults on their debts and struggling or some may head to their bank and seek some form of consolidation loan to get back on track.

The big question is then does this work? Do they get the help that is beneficial to them?

When visiting a local Citizens Advice Bureau the first thing they will do is take a list of who you owe money to and how much along with your income and expenditure to put in place a plan where you can offer your creditors a token payment each month until you can afford to pay more. This is a short term solution that can benefit many but then you will have to think what is next as this would have to be done every six months and creditors can still take legal action along with still adding interest and charges which can mean the debt will be around for a very long time.

When visiting a bank these days it isn’t a case of you deal with the same bank manager and they make decisions on their own to whether they can help you out or not. Mainstream banks will use technology to check on your credit history and from there that will be the decision on whether they can help you out or not. Again these days that is very seldom due to any defaults the banks will generally back off.

What else can be done to consolidate the debt and actually be debt free in reasonable amount of time?

If you stay in Scotland you can apply for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed and the plan will consolidate all of your unsecured debt into one plan where you will pay into the plan for four years. You pay what you can afford each month and the remainder of the debt is legally written off. You can write off up to 75% of your unsecured debt in the plan and it will also stop all contact and any legal action from your creditors. If you wish to find out if you qualify get in touch below.