The top four areas in Scotland for people seeking debt help revealed.

According to new stats revealed by insolvency firm Creditfix.

The release of new stats released by Creditfix one of the biggest insolvency practises in the UK shows that Motherwell is the highest area in the UK where the residents seek help with their debts.

The new stats revealed by Creditfix show the enquiries they received by postcode.;

1. 33.4 in every 10,000 – Motherwell (ML)
2. 31.6 in every 10,000 – Kilmarnock (KA)
3. 23.2 in every 10,000 – Glasgow (G)
7. 19.2 in every 10,000 – Edinburgh (EH)

This doesn’t relate to the amount of debt each person has but shows the amount of enquiries made by each area. This is showing that Scottish residents are more likely to seek help than any other area in the UK.

The reason for Scottish residents make more enquiries to get debt help in Scotland could relate to a number of factors such as the powers that sheriff officers now have to arrest earnings, grant a warrant to seek funds from a bank account or take the debt to court quicker than ever before.

This is not terrible news however as this shows that people are not burying their head in the sand and hoping the debt will go away, Scottish residents are showing by these stats that they are doing quite the opposite and proactively dealing with their debts head on.

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