How to have a stress free Christmas when dealing with debt.

Worried about debts coming up to Christmas? This could give you a stress free festive period.

Christmas is getting closer again with just under four weeks left and a lot to arrange prior to the big day. Here at many people in Scotland have been enquiring with the worry that the festive period will be a stressful one as debt is forever a worry.

So the big question is how can you keep the wolves from the door and stop the worry? With creditors gaining more powers all the time on top of the constant phoning, emails, letters and sending the debt collectors round, creditors can now send the case to court and have the opportunity to arrange Sheriff Officers to collect the debt. Sheriff Officers in Scotland will send you some pretty nasty letters and then send someone round to your house to determine how much and how often you can make repayments. Every time they visit you it will also add a charge to your final bill and if they have no contact from you at all they can then look to collect money in other ways such as an attachment of earnings (wage arresment) or arresting your bank account which can also leave nasty charges on top of what they take.

One way to deal with debts in Scotland is by using a Scottish Protected Trust Deed which will consolidate all of your debts into one plan where you can be debt free in just 48 months paying what you can afford each month and the remainder of your debt is legally written off. One of the major benefits of doing this is we do not charge any fees to you for this and it can offer protection from your creditors as once the Scottish Protected Trust Deed is in place it will stop any legal action from your creditors, it will stop all direct contact from creditors so no nasty letters or phone calls and it can also stop anyone arresting your income or bank account.

If you are struggling with debt in Scotland and would like some free help get in touch by leaving your details on our enquiry from or use the details below & we can offer a free face to face visit to check if it is the right plan for you.