Sheriff Officers and Their Authority

Sheriff officers are the officers located in the court, they can be hired by many people such as:

  • Local authorities
  • Individuals
  • Solicitors
  • Any Company
  • Government departments

An officer can take action upon a number of legal cases once it has been through the court and they have the correct legislation to take action. They can take action on debt if you are not paying in time, evictions, removal of family members if there is evidence of neglect or abuse, etc. Also, they can make changes to your property if there have been any issues with it. Finally, they have to supply you with legal papers where necessary.

When Can The Sheriff Officers Enter Your Home?

The Sheriff’s officers can legally enter your home when they have the proper papers and authority from the court to do so. They must provide evidence if you ask for it. If you have any concerns or doubts about the legislation feel free to phone the firm to which the officer works. A Sheriff’s officer can force entry into your home if they have the legal authorization to get in. If you are denying access to them they can use ‘ necessary reasonable force ‘ to enter your home. This means they can break your door for access into your house or even a lock to a window. On top of this, you may be charged with breach of the peace.

How To Identify A Sheriff Officer

To check the identity of a sheriff officer firstly you should ask for their ID. They should carry a booklet that contains a picture of themselves. Also, the crest of the Scottish courts and tribunal service. Currently, this booklet should be red. Occasionally the sheriff officer will have a witness with them who is not a sheriff officer so they will not have this identification. Again if you’re concerned or have any doubts you can phone the firm to which the officer works and check with them.

When Can A Sheriff Officer Remove A Person From Their Home?

There are three main ways in which a sheriff officer can remove a person from their home these are:

  • If you are being evicted
  • When they remove a child due to abuse or neglection etc.
  • If they’re removing an aggressive violent partner


When you are being evicted the sheriff officer does in fact have the authority to physically remove you from the property. If you do not comply with the officer you may be charged with breach of the peace. Also, the police are allowed to be at the eviction. Not to help the sheriff officer but to make sure you don’t break any laws and if you do they can arrest you.

Removal of a child

If there is a child in danger or that lives with an abusive family can be removed from the household to ensure safety.  This can happen at any time of the day whether it’s late at night or early morning.

Violent partners

If there are reports of domestic abuse from a violent partner, the sheriff officer has the authority to remove them from the property. However, this is more likely to be done with the police service.

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