Scottish residents have the highest level of council tax debt in the UK leading debt charity reveals.

StepChange a leading debt charity announced in late 2014 a report that shows Scots have the highest average of council tax owed in the UK.

The average person struggling with council tax in the whole of the UK is £798 compared to the average person in Scotland struggling with council tax arrears is £1,534!

So why is this?

Well it could be down to a number of reasons such as debts are easier to collect in England & Wales due to bailiffs/court orders and people might be a bit more scared to run into deep arrears with the council or the fact that many Scots still remember having to pay poll tax before anywhere else in the UK and just are not happy about it!

Here at we have seen over the last year or so a massive increase in Scottish residents enquiring for free debt help when the main cause of their financial struggles came down to a large council tax arrears debt from their local council.

So what happens if you do not pay your council tax?

Well many people do debate in Scotland that council tax is unlawful and doesn’t need to be paid however, if not paid on time or at all can make life very stressful for the debtor as it will only make things worse.

Council Tax does need to be paid in Scotland to your local authorities and on time or your local council will start the pressure buy calling and lettering you before they then pass your case on to a sheriff officer to collect who will make life very stressful until the balance of the debt is paid in full.

Once your case has been passed to a Sheriff Officer if they feel they are getting no contact from you or are not paying enough back each month they have the powers to now repossess property or impose court orders such as an earnings arrestment or bank arrestment which can leave individuals and families short with little notice.

If this is something that is affecting you or someone you know get in touch and let us explain how we can help and remember we do not charge you fees for this service.