What Rights Do Sheriff Officers Have When Collecting Debt?

Had Sheriff Officers at the door before? Have they sent you a letter saying they will be visiting? Have they arrested your earnings or bank account or are the about to?

Find out what rights you have when dealing with Sheriff Officers in Scotland.

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Have you had dealings or are you about to have dealings with one of the Sheriff Officers mentioned above?

First of all what are Sheriff Officers?

A sheriff officer is an officer of the Scottish sheriff court, responsible for serving documents and enforcing court orders.

What do they enforce?

Sheriff Officers enforce court orders, they can be for a few different reasons;

Debt related matters
Property disputes
Adoption, divorce & other family related matters

Can a Sheriff Officer come to my home & take items out my house to pay off the debt?

In Scotland it is very different to the television programmes that are based in England & Wales where the enforcement agents arrive at the door & attempt to threaten the debtor by taking their belongings or pay the debt. In Scotland Sheriff Officers legally could enter your home to take belongings but this is very rare as the court would have to instruct this but the creditor who is chasing the debt must take several measures before taking it to court.

What actions can Sheriff Officers take when they arrive at my door?

When dealing with debt in Scotland it is very unlikely a Sheriff Officer has the permissions to force entry into your home, for example a warrant regarding collecting unpaid council tax there would be no entry to the home unless you invite them into your home to discuss, so best not to invite them in! Once a Sheriff Officer arrives at the door they will start asking questions such as where is the person that is mentioned on the debt? Whether they are there or not they will ask if they are at work , where they work etc. so they can have back up to arrest that individuals earnings or bank account should they not be satisfied with the arrangement offered or if no contact.

If you have dealt with Sheriff Officers in the past, currently are at the moment or they might be coming soon get in touch as we can help remove wage arrestments, stop Sheriff Officers from visiting and make sure you no longer have to deal with your creditors hassling you altogether.