Rents rising at fastest rate for seven years

Private tenants have faced the highest rise is rent since records began seven years ago official data shows. An article from BBC News reports –

With the cost of living already making finances a tough squeeze in the UK, rising rents certainly will not help.

Here at Scottish Trust Deed enquiries also show a rise in rent arrears from private tenants, local housing tenants and local council tenants.

With a Protected Trust Deed in Scotland you can include rent arrears in the plan from previous properties if private rent arrears or current and previous properties from housing association or local council rent arrears.

With a Scottish Trust Deed you can write off up to 81% of all unsecured debt using Scottish Government legislation that consolidates all your debt into one affordable monthly plan and gets you debt free normally in four years.

If you are struggling with rent arrears and other unsecured debts get in touch.