Rent Arrears – Your rights – How we can help

Rent Arrears Problems

It may be distressing to get into rent arrears. But don’t disregard the situation. You might end up losing your home if you do not take action to pay back what you owe.

To find out what you can do to stop yourself getting evicted for rent arrears, read this blog fully.

If you are struggling with your Rent payments you should firstly contact your housing, Council or Landlord. Explain to them your situation and arrange a repayment plan or a payment arrangement date.

Rent Arrears – Talk To Your Landlord

It’s understandable that you would be afraid to tell your landlord or agent that the rent will be late.

But before you actually fail to pay up, it is far better to get the issue out in the open.

When you’re actually talking to your landlord:

Explain why the rent will be late and ask for some additional time.
To help ensure that it won’t happen again, be clear about what you’re doing to address the issue.

Identify the issue and map out a plan

It’ll be clear, in some situations, why you have a problem.

Maybe your earnings or expenses have unexpectedly changed for the worse.

For instance, because you lost your job or because your partner moved out and stopped contributing to the rent.

In other examples, it may simply be that you live beyond your means. You’ll need a strategy either way.

It could lead to eviction and a poor reference from your landlord if your rent is consistently late.

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help
Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help

Where to get free help and advice

You are in the right place for free help and advice on all of your debts, including rent arrears. Solutions Scotland have hundreds an housands of enquiries about debt help every month.  With over 70 five star reviews on Google, you will see why when you enquire with them. They offer multiple solutions that will be suitable for you to become debt-free. The most popular solution is their Protected Trust Deed. also specialise in this solution (hence the name)

What is a Protected Trust Deed?

A Protected Trust Deed is only available to Scottish Residents who have a minimum amount of £5,000 worth of debt. The Trust Deed will see you become debt-free in just 48 months whilst only paying a small percentage of your debts back. With a Protected Trust Deed you will receive the following benefits: 

  • There are no setup fees! 
  • Freezes interest & charges!
  • Legally binding so creditors can’t back out!
  • Stops all contact from your creditors!
  • Stops wage arrestments or bank arrestments!
  • Writes off up to 75% of your debt!
  • Can include debts from your local council, rent arrears, DWP & HMRC!
  • Can be debt-free in four years!
  • Keep your home & car
  • Comes off your credit file latest six years from starting!

How do I apply for a Protected Trust Deed?

You will firstly have to contact us on Facebook by clicking here or visit our contact page here. Once you contact us we will give you a phone call and we will discuss your situation. We will then be able to tell you if you are eligible for the Protected Trust Deed. IF you are not eligible we offer multiple Debt solutions such as a Debt Arrangement Scheme.

Rent Arrears

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