Write off up to 81%* of rent arrears

Scottish residents can use Government legislation to prevent bankruptcy and be debt free in just four years with a Scottish Trust Deed

Rent Arrears

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed can help bring your rent account back to zero by including the full arrears into the plan and your landlord is paid back via the solution and you just carry on with your normal rent going forward.

All council and housing associations in Scotland have accepted the Scottish Protected Trust Deed but some private landlords may object.


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Rent arrears in a Scottish Trust Deed FAQs

When including rent arrears in any solution there will always be an automatic fear that you want to keep the roof over your head safe.

Does including rent arrears affect your tenancy?

No! When including rent arrears in a Scottish Trust Deed we always confirm that your landlord is happy to include the rent arrears in your agreement and remove your rent arrears.

Do you have to pay your rent arrears and your Scottish Trust Deed payment each month?

No! You only pay your one affordable monthly repayment to your Scottish Trust Deed for four years which includes your rent arrears, you only pay your future rent going forward.

Will my arrears be removed from my rent account?

Yes! If your Scottish Trust Deed is accepted including your rent arrears, your rent account will go back to £0.

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Housing Associations and councils we have helped with

See below a list of housing associations and council landlords we have already helped people write off rent arrears through a Scottish Protected Trust Deed