Have you received a letter from HMRC to say you have been paid too much and now you have to pay it all back?

HM Revenue & Customs are starting to really collect in money they are owed even though it wad their own error.

Are you one of the unlucky people to have received a letter from HMRC to say you owe them money due to their errors?

Here at www.scottishtrustdeed.info we have started to see a huge increase of people in Scotland looking for free debt help after receiving a letter from HMRC to say they have been over paid tax credits and need to pay it all back, with interest!

Why is this happening?

Well one of the main flaws about calculation tax credits is that the amount that someone is due to receive from them is roughly calculated and then adjusted later. This can be largely unfair on family’s who are on a low income as the money will generally be used for day to day living and then when is stops they will have their correct tax credits deducted and will struggle to get by.

Have you had one of the following;

A letter to say you owe a large amount back to HMRC for an overpayment
A letter to say your tax credits will be deducted to pay back an over payment
A letter to say your tax credits have been stopped until they collect the debt owed to HMRC
A letter to say you are being taken to court or your wages are being deducted to recover the amount owed to HMRC
If so here at www.scottishtrustdeed.info we can use government legislation to help you with the debt that can have various benefits such as;

Stop HMRC chasing you for the debt
Stop HMRC contacting you altogether about the debt
Stop HMRC deducted your tax credits to repay the debt
Stop HMRC taking further action or deducting money from your earnings
Write off any amount of the debt that is not affordable
Only pay back what you can actually afford

If you are in debt with HMRC and would like free debt help just leave your details on our home page or get in touch below and someone will explain what help is out there, there is no need to struggle!