Are you ready for the new Council Tax year?

Many Scots are worrying that the Sheriff Officers will be back round regarding council tax.

As it is the last day today of the Council Tax Year year many people in Scotland will be worried when the Sheriff Officers will be round as this is the time of year they will be heavily pursuing any previous Council Tax arrears.

Every year a new Council Tax bill is issued the councils in Scotland issue you with a new account number so each year that year have defaulted they can try and collect the debt for each year under a new account so that each year can be collected for separately so anyone in Scotland who has several years arrears on their Council Tax will feel extreme pressure from Sheriff Officers to pay back what is owed and often at a rate they just simply cannot afford.

With laws in Scotland changing all the time to allow creditors to get their money back a lot easier many Scots are really feeling the pressure with Council Tax arrears. Council Tax arrears is one of the biggest personal debt problems in Scotland at the moment as many are finding that their earnings are being arrested or even their bank account on a regular basis.

So what can you do if you find yourself in this position?

Here at we can help you with free debt help using Scottish Government Legislation to stop your creditors taking legal action against you, stop your creditors contacting you altogether & write off up to 75% of your unsecured debt. This can effect your credit file but if you believe this may be something that can help you simply get in touch using the details below & stop stressing about debt today.