Overdraft debt is an overdraft is an agreement put in place with yourself and the bank to borrow the money you don’t have in your account for a period of time. Although most banks charge very little for borrowing (ARRANGED OVERDRAFT) people get caught out for many reasons. Whether it’s a job loss, reduced hours, changer of circumstances, or even a loss of a partner/family member.


IF you know you will not be able to pay back your overdraft as soon as you planned to it is important to contact your bank. The bank will assist you in the right direction. You should always make your bank aware as soon as you know you will struggle to pay it back. You can also contact us at scottishtrustdeed.info and we will go over all your options.



If your overdraft is becoming too much on top of other debts or needs then we would advise you not to borrow any more to pay that debt off. Loaning money to pay off another debt is the most common habit that leads to major debt in the UK. Your bank will be able to tell you if they can lower the daily/weekly overdraft charge.


Arranged Overdraft

You’ll be charged interest on this, and occasionally a small charge. An arranged overdraft is a healthy debt compared to an unarranged overdraft. The interest rate is much higher and more demanding from the banks if your overdraft is not arranged.

Unarranged Overdraft

The banks strive for this type of overdraft it’s a real money maker for them, however, they will do their best to help. When you take out more money than is in your account without already discussing this with your bank, an unarranged (unauthorised) overdraft is. You are likely to have high interest and charges put on this, which can quickly add up.

overdraft help

I have debts along with my overdraft

Here at scottishtrustdeed.info, we offer multiple debt solutions. Our debt solutions are altered towards your needs and affordability. We will never put you in a solution if we know you can’t afford it. Our debt solutions have a required minimum debt level of £3,000 to enter. Although if you have less than that amount you can still contact us for free advice and we will direct you to the right place.

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Scottishtrustdeed.info is the number one place to go to for your debt, however, some may say solutions Scotland come close. We do not judge you at all for any situation you are in. We provide you free debt advice which can write off up to 75% of your debts. FYI: To write off up to 75% of debts the required minimum debt level is £5,000 pounds. The majority of the clients we help become debt free always wish they came to us sooner.

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