Now the holidays are over is it time to get debt free?

Debt Free 2019 Scottish Trust Deed
Debt Free 2019 Scottish Trust Deed

With the dreaded Christmas & New Year period over, the bills are starting to hit home with many Scottish residents.

With many dreading the end of January bills dropping that bring to reality that major over spend to get the prezzies & one to many drinks in over the festive period here at Scottish Trust Deed we are here to help!


Here at Scottish Trust Deed we offer Scottish residents the chance to get debt free using government legislation known as a Scottish Protected Trust Deed.

What benefits does a Scottish Protected Trust Deed offer?

Be debt free in just 48 months!

Write off up to 75% of your unsecured debts

Keep your home & car

Stop creditors contacting you

Stop legal action or any arrestment of earnings

Freeze all interest & charges

Only stays on your credit file for six years from when it starts

Can include debts to your local council, HMRC & DWP

Why not get in touch today & let us lift the weight off your shoulders with a legally binding plan to get on top of your debts?

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