Many debt help firms are charging people before entering a Scottish Trust Deed.


Many companies are taking advantage of vulnerable people by charging them fees that they really do not have to pay just because they are desperate for debt help when setting up a Scottish Protected Trust Deed. So the clear message is stay clear of companies looking to charge you for the following.

1. Asking you to pay for a company to come and speak to you.

When speaking to a company about a Scottish Protected Trust Deed do not pay any fees for someone to come and see you for debt help, we offer two free face to face visits before any client agrees to take on the plan, just leave your details at for us to contact you and arrange.

2. A Trust Deed company up front fees are normal

The Trust Deed company you speak to you may say to pay them an upfront fee for their service is standard practice, but this is not true as that fee will not go to your Scottish Protected Trust Deed. Please speak to us if this has been the case as we do not charge any upfront fees at all just leave your details at – for one of us to get in touch.

3. Check the small print for hidden upfront fees

Trust Deed companies will often try and hide upfront fees by telling you there is none but when you get the paperwork it will contains on the small print they will keep the first few payments. Please check this and avoid paying any upfront as we do not take any money from you just enquire at –

4. Have you enquired about a Trust Deed but you are offered a Debt Management Plan (DMP) instead?

It is very common for Trust Deed companies to offer a Debt Management Plan (DMP) to help people with their debts before entering them into a Scottish Protected Trust Deed in order to get upfront money from people and to ensure they will pay each month. That is a very risky strategy as the creditors do not need to stop taking action until the Scottish Protected Trust Deed is put in place and the only person at risk is you! We do not offer Debt Management Plan’s (DMP) please leave your details for someone to get in touch to make sure this does not happen –

5. Own your home? Asked to pay for your own home survey?

The simply answer is don’t! When applying for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed if you own your own home you will need to have the equity checked in your home in order to make sure it will be protected in the plan, we do not charge for this but sadly many companies will ask for you to pay this. In order to make sure you pay no fees get in touch –

6. Only pay the fees included in your Scottish Protected Trust Deed

The Scottish Protected Trust Deed will always come with fees but only those set out by the Scottish Government that will be included in what you pay each month towards your debt. This is avoidable when entering a Trust Deed but please make sure you pay nothing else other than the monthly amount you are asked to pay to your Trust Deed.

If you would like free debt help and want a quick, legally binding plan put in place as we DO NOT charge you any fees at all get in touch today!