Would you like your Earnings Arrestment (Wage Arrestment) removed for Christmas?

Have your wages been arrested for a debt from a Sheriff Officer? Why not get it removed before Christmas!

If you find yourself in a situation that your earnings have been arrested by a Sheriff Officer from a debt such as council tax arrears you could have it removed before this Christmas using a Scottish Protected Trust Deed.

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed is a piece of Scottish Government legislation that allows you to be debt free in just 48 months paying what you can afford each month and the rest of the debt is legally written off as debt that is not affordable. The Scottish Protected Trust Deed has various benefits but one of the main benefits is it will remove any current and pending wage arrestments or attachment of earnings. This can be very hard on people as when this is in place any overtime or extra hours worked will generally mean that all of it will go to the debt rather than receiving it as an income.

If this effects you get in touch today and we will explain how the plan works & we do not charge you fees.