Learn how a Scottish Protected Trust Deed can deal with your rent arrears

Have rent arrears with your Housing Association or local council in Scotland? A Scottish Protected Trust Deed could be the answer to solve your debt problems.

When looking for debt help in Scotland many people think that only your average debts such as credit cards, loans and overdrafts are all that can be dealt with but, this isn’t the case. Here at www.scottishtrustdeed.info we can help individuals in Scotland with all debts that are unsecured even debts such as council tax arrears, overpayments made by HMRC and DWP, also rent arrears from your local council or an housing association. The only time it may be difficult is if you are renting from a private landlord who may not accept the plan but if it is private and you no longer in the private rental then we can still help.

Here at www.scottishtrustdeed.info we can help you with a Scottish Protected Trust Deed that will consolidate all of your debts and that can include your rent arrears, the plan is a piece of Scottish Government legislation that can write off all debt that is not affordable and you only pay back what you can afford over four years then you are completely debt free!

If you are struggling with your rent arrears and any other debts you can get in touch and we will do our best to look at all your options and find out if you qualify for the Scottish Protected Trust Deed, you will also receive a free face to face appointment.

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