Interested in consolidating all of your unsecured debt?

Thinking about consolidating all of your unsecured debts?
Too many individual payments going out to debt each month?
The interest rising too high on debts such as credit cards, loans & overdrafts?

This could be a solution to release the stress of constantly having to repay several debts each month.

Many individuals when struggling to make repayments to their debt or think they will struggle going forward will look to take out a debt consolidation loan from their bank or another high street lender to consolidate all of their debts into one simple and manageable repayment each month. Is this a good option? Well yes it can improve your credit file as you can pay off all your debts with that loan payout, as long as you can manage that repayment going forward and this should give you no problems obtaining future credit the only downfall is how much are you repaying back!

However there can be a situation where you can’t borrow anymore or the repayments are going to be too high to manage going forward because you have borrowed too much to get more credit or have missed too many repayments.

So is there another solution? Yes is the answer!

In Scotland you can look at a Scottish Protected Trust Deed that is generally done over 48 months, where you will pay back what you can afford for four years and the rest of the debt is legally written off using government legislation.

What are the downfalls of using this plan?

This can effect your credit file and will stay on your credit file for a total of six years and you cannot borrow any major credit while you are in the plan.

What are the benefits of Scottish Protected Trust Deed?

The Scottish Protected Trust Deed can offer various benefits such as writing off any debt that you cannot afford, being debt free in just four years, protect yourself, your home and car from creditors, you can stop creditors taking legal action against you, stop any earnings arresment (wage arrestment or attachment of earnings) or creditors arresting your bank account, freeze any interest and charges from your debts, stop creditors contacting you direct and most importantly taking the stress away from dealing with your debts!

The Scottish Protected Trust Deed also can include other debts such as rent arrears, council tax arrears, overpayments from HMRC and DWP, pretty much any debt that is not secured against an asset!

If you are thinking about a debt consolidation loan or consolidating your debts get in touch today and someone will be in touch to explain how the plan works and if you qualify!

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