How do I find out who I owe money to? We have some tips to guide you.

The majority of people who enquire for free debt help don’t know who they owe money to.

Do you think you owe money but can’t remember or just don’t know who you owe money to because there has been so many companies trying to chase the debt?

Here at we receive thousands of enquiry’s every week for free debt help and one of the first things mentioned is “I don’t know who I owe money to”. So we would like to offer some tips on finding out exactly who you owe money to so you can get your finances back on track!

So first things first best way to start would be gaining a free credit report, not a free trial then charged because you forgot to cancel your online credit report, there are actually companies out there who will give you a free credit report with no catches! That’s right below are two companies we know offer free online credit reports without having to pay but you will still need a debt card handy to confirm your identity.

Both sites will give you a credit report based on the information provided so try be as accurate as possible.

Now that isn’t you complete as your free online credit report won’t include the following debts;

Local government debts such as – HMRC & DWP debts
Local council debts such as – Council tax arrears & overpayments

So how would I find out about these debts? Well pretty simple back to the old fashioned way and giving them a call if you have no correspondence from them.

So if you think you may have had council tax arrears in the past for example and you have had a sheriff officer at your door, you would call your local council to find out how much you owe and not the company that sent the sheriff officer out as they may only know about one debt and not your whole account.

If you would like further help with this simply get in touch one of our friendly advisors would be happy to help.

If you are in debt and would like free debt help just leave your details on our home page or get in touch below and someone will explain what help is out there, there is no need to struggle!