What debts can a Scottish Protected Trust Deed help with?

Thinking about seeking free debt help in Scotland & wondering what debts a Scottish Protected Trust Deed can help with? Here is your answer.

If you are struggling with debt in Scotland you can seek free debt help through www.scottishtrustdeed.info using government legislation called a Scottish Protected Trust Deed.

The plan has various benefits to relieve stress and debt worries but the most common question is what debts can the plan include? The plan can include all debts that are not secured against an asset, here are a list of examples of debts that can be taken into a Scottish Protected Trust Deed;

Personal Loans
Credit Cards
Payday loans
Council tax arrears
Rent arrears
Home repair bills
Store Cards
HM revenue & custom bills
Department for work & pension bills
Mortgage shortfalls
Hire purchase shortfalls
Lawyer fees
Child Maintenance arrears

Debts that CANNOT be taken into the plan would be;

Secured Loans.
Hire Purchase Agreements
Debts incurred through criminal activity
Court Fines
Debts being collected through Diligence

If you have £5000 of unsecured debt or more and live in Scotland you could receive free help using a Scottish Protected Trust Deed, just get in touch!