Debt Free – Sort your debts before Christmas!

Debt Free – Can I really be free from my debts before Christmas?

Debt Free for Christmas? Yes please! can make all hassle from creditors and sheriff officers disappear before Christmas. Christmas is a time for family and celebrations. Don’t let the creditors and sheriff officers be the Grinch by letting them ruin your holidays. Our Protected Trust Deed is one of the ways you can stop all of the contact and hassle! You will not be completely free from your debts for Christmas, You will be free from the debt hassle provided by creditors/officers. By the time Christmas comes, you will be:

  • Uncontactable from ALL Sheriff Officers
  • Uncontactable from ALL Creditors 
  • Stress-Free from any debts you have
  • In an AFFORDABLE re-payment plan  
  • On the Journey to becoming Financially stable  

Can I really become Debt Free and Uncontactable from Creditors?

Yes, Once you have entered your payment plan (PTD) or (DAS) creditors cannot contact you. If the trust deed is protected, creditors CANNOT touch any assets. For it to be protected, the MAJORITY of your creditors need a binding agreement in place – one that everyone is happy with. If the deed is not ‘protected’, your creditors could still legally recover the money you owe them, anyway they can. They could take you to court.

Debt Free - xmas

Why it’s important to sort your debts BEFORE Christmas

Did you know Of those who admit borrowing money to cover Christmas at least once, 25% told us that they borrow from friends or family and 26% dip into their arranged overdraft. 10% of respondents say that they use a payday loan to pay for Christmas, and 10% take out a bank loan for the same purpose. Christmas is the most popular holiday people borrow money for. If you are already in debt and thinking of increasing the total debt amount, we would advise against it. Deal with your debts before Christmas and experience what it’s like not having to worry with creditors.


The survey was conducted via Google Consumer Surveys between 24th-25th Nov 2016 with 1000 UK respondents, all aged 18-44 years. (provided by drafty)


Firstly, to get started with a Protected Trust Deed you will need to have a debt level of £6,000+ that is the minimum amount required to be accepted for a protected trust deed. Secondly, you would have to reach out to us with your contact details. You can send us those details by using our website form click here to be directed.

  • Do you need a Scottish Protected Trust Deed?


    Are you a Scottish resident? Have over £5,000 of unsecured debt? Willing to pay a small percentage of your debts back to be debt-free in just 48 months?

    A Scottish Protected Trust Deed could be for you!

    • There are no setup fees! 
    • Freezes interest & charges!
    • Legally binding so creditors can’t back out!
    • Stops all contact from your creditors!
    • Stops wage arrestments or bank arrestments!
    • Writes off up to 75% of your debt!
    • Can include debts from your local council, rent arrears, DWP & HMRC!
    • Can be debt-free in four years!
    • Keep your home & car
    • Comes off your credit file latest six years from starting!
    Debt Free 2019 Scottish Trust Deed
    Debt Free 2020 Scottish Trust Deed


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