Write off up to 81%* of your Credit Card debt

Scottish residents can use Government legislation to prevent bankruptcy and be debt free in just four years with a Scottish Trust Deed

Credit Card Debt

Write off up to 81%* of your credit card debt along with other debts using a Scottish Trust which can get you debt free in just four years.

All your debts including credit cards would be consolidated into one plan where you are protected from your creditors, you make one affordable monthly repayment for four years and the rest of the debt is legally written off.

This is all done through Scottish Government debt legislation and there are no setup fees or monthly fees on top of your payment.


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credit card debts in a scottish trust deed faq's

Credit Card debt can easily snowball and become a big problem, preventing debt is always better than trying to cure the situation.

Do I have to go Bankrupt?

No! A Scottish Trust Deed is Scottish Government debt legislation that can prevent Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy) and has less restrictions that Bankruptcy.

Do I need to contact all my creditors to let them know?

No! That is all done for you with a Scottish Trust Deed.

Will I be able to keep my car on finance?

Yes! A Scottish Trust Deed commonly allows for you to keep car finance such as Hire Purchase or PCP as you are likely to need the vehicle for transport.