Council Tax In Arrears – What Happens Now?

If you can’t pay your council tax

Missing payments puts you into Council Tax Arrears. Your council may allow smaller payments to settle the amount. It’s important that you contact your council immediately to explain your situation regarding your council tax payments.

It’s highly likely that your council will take you to court if you ignore the arrears, you may also have to pay court fees. Court Fees can add hundreds to your bill.

You’ll get a reminder from the council around 14 days after your missed payment.

Your debts are cleared if you pay within the 7 days after the reminder, and you can continue paying your usual instalments.

If you have other debts alongside your council tax you would still need to pay the council tax first. Tax arrears are classed as a  ‘Priority Debt’. Depending on your debt amount you could be eligible for a Trust Deed. 

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What if I don’t pay my council tax within the 7 days of the reminder?

Councils can send up to two reminders. If its within 7 days of the final reminder and you haven’t paid, you’ll lose the ability to pay your bill in instalments. Your local council will send you a letter telling you to pay all your Council Taxes for the year within 7 days. If you are unable to pay all your council tax, it’s important you contact the sheriff officers. Sherrif officers can help arrange a payment plan.

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 Will this affect my wages?

Short Answer Yes. Wages are affected it’s possible that one’s wages can be arrested. A Wage/Earnings Arrestment require your employer to deduct money from your salary to pay back your debts. If you are struggling with an existing earnings arrestment Contact us today for free, confidential advice. Our expert advisers will help you decide upon the best course of action for you and will let you know how the earnings arrestment could be lifted.

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What is a Wage Arrestment?

As touched on previously, wage arrestments will instruct the debtor’s employer to deduct money from their pay to settle your debts. The council asks your employer to take regular deductions from your wages to repay the debt you owe. Your employer has a limited time to put the arrestment into practice. The deductions come from your ‘net income’. This means the income you have left after paying your tax and National Insurance. An earnings arrestment cannot be used to take money from self-employment if you are a sole trader.

Can I stop the Wage Arrestment?

You can stop the wage arrestment if you correspond with the council’s reminder about your arrears. It’s important to keep track of your owed payments. can help you with your financial difficulties. offer multiple debt solutions and free debt advice. They’re contactable here.

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