Common unexpected life events that cause people to struggle with debt.

Many people jump to the conclusion that debt needs to be paid back but don’t take in that people can have unexpected life changes that can cause serious financial difficulty.

Here at Scottish Trust Deed we get comments and messages on our Facebook page to emails and phone calls from people who see our posts and advertisements that believe that all debts should be paid in full and on time or the individual should have not taken out the debt. However we feel this is very unfair as we get thousands of enquiries every week that show that very rarely do people take out debt with the intent of not paying it back but instead a unexpected life change has made that individual struggle financially and will also have plenty of stress on their shoulders to add to the matters.

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So in order to create awareness that it is not always someones fault when falling into financial difficulty below is some examples of why people can run into unexpected life events that would cause struggles.

Marriage separation
Relationship separation
Close family loss
Loss of job
Reduction in income
Benefit cuts

These factors can change anyone’s life being prepared are not and we completely understand this can make life stressful.

If this matter is effecting you get in touch and let us take the stress away.