The most common signs to show that you’re struggling with debt and need to act!

Many individuals in Scotland still tend to bury their head in the sand when it comes to dealing with debt.

Feel you may be struggling with personal debt? Not sure if you are just over worrying or you may actually need some financial assistance? Below are some common signs that you should seek financial help.

You have received a notification of your debt defaulting on your credit file.
You have received a notification that a debt collection agency is now acting on behalf of your creditor.
Your debt has been sold to a Third Party.
You are trying to take out more debt to pay off existing debt.
Being rejected for new credit.
Your creditors are threatening you with legal action such as a court appearance, CCJ/Decree or Sheriff Officers.
All your left over income is going to paying your debt.
You are struggling to afford to pay off more than the minimum repayments.
Missing payments on credit cards and loans.
Not answering your phone or not opening letters regarding your debts.
You are struggling to concentrate on your day to day life due to debts.
Losing sleep or not being able to share your problems with a loved one about your debt.
You are using debt to cover day to day life.
Not knowing your total debt level and when you will be debt free.
Going over your limit on credit cards and overdrafts.
Ignoring a debt and hoping it will go away.
Being afraid of a knock on the door at some point.
These are just some examples of when you see a sign like this that you should speak to someone about your situation and get professional help. One way of getting it off your chest and looking for a point in the right direction is to speak to a loved one who can listen and share similar experiences.

If you live in Scotland and feel you have over £5000 of unsecured debt we can help using government legislation called a Scottish Protected Trust Deed to write off up to 75% of your unsecured debt and be debt free in just four years paying what you can afford each month and this will remove the stress of your debts as it will stop your creditors contacting you altogether.

If you would like to know more get in touch!