Council Tax Arrears

One of the most common reasons in Scotland at the moment for people needing free debt help is council tax arrears. Many people in Scotland at the moment are getting large bills for unpaid council tax through the door and if the council is not happy with the amount they are receiving or how quickly they are getting their money paid back they will instruct a Sheriff Officer to collect the debt, this can result in paying large amounts back people cannot afford or they have the power to arrest an individual’s earnings or bank account to retrieve the money as well as assets.

Debt Cycle

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a term that has been used for many years when dealing with debt where an individual is simply using credit to pay off other creditors and at some point this will come to an end when the credit is no longer available.

Struggling to make payments?

Paying the minimum amount on your credit or store cards each month? On average with today’s average interest rate paying the minimum amount each month on a credit card can take up to 34 years to clear off that debt. This is a big sign that something has to be done to prevent the situation getting worse as generally the only way out is taking more credit.

Tax Bills

Received a large bill from HM Revenue & Customs? This can be for various things such as an individual has received an overpayment in tax credits or a large income tax bill if that individual is self-employed. These types of debts can be very serious as they are usually large bills that people cannot generally afford to pay off in one lump sum and HMRC will use quick and thorough routes to collecting these debts.

Loss of Equity

Had a shortfall on a property or a car? It is becoming more and more common these days for repossessions to occur for non-payment whether it be on a house which can leave an individual with a shortfall in their mortgage or rent arrears which can be the last thing that person wants to think about when they are trying to find a new home but they will have to address the matter at some point as burying their head in the sand could make things even worse. Car repossessions are more common than ever now with more and more types of car finance available, due to loss of income or various other reasons the car may then become unaffordable so the car will have to go back and generally often a large arrears bill will follow.


Feeling too stressed to open a letter through the door or answer the phone to numbers you do not have saved on your phone? This has been one of the oldest signs that when an individual buries their head in the sand things will not get better they will only getting worse and for someone to keep it all to themselves has also been the cause of leading to health problems also.

Change in circumstances

Recently slip from a long term partner or spouse? A very common cause of an individual in Scotland needing free debt help is the loss of two incomes where there would have been two incomes coming into the home and maybe also some benefits but after a break up and things need to go separate ways. This can leave one with serious debt commitments but only the one income which now also has to cover a new home and bills etc…

When considering if you or someone you know really needs free debt help it all comes down to once you get paid can you afford to pay all of your debt commitments plus your living expenses, if not you should speak to someone.

If you or someone you know has been affected by debt problems do not struggle on simply get in touch and remember we do not charge you any fees at all.