Can I get a Scottish Protected Trust Deed if I own my home?

Many people are hesitant that a they will lose their home when entering a Scottish Protected Trust Deed due to rumours.

Thinking about applying for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed but you own your home or have a mortgage to pay off? Don’t want to lose your home due to debts? This can hopefully put your mind at ease.

Here at we help thousands of people in Scotland every year get their finances back on track through a Scottish Protected Trust Deed with at least 70% of applicants owning their own home, however many are still very doubtful as they do not want to lose the roof over their head, which is very understandable.

So why are people doubtful about a Scottish Protected Trust Deed when owning their own home? Many people enquiring for help have maybe been told from someone that they know or read online that they can lose their home. When applying for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed you will not just be called up and thrown into the plan over the phone, someone will call you to explain the plan and what other options are out there and then if it is something you decide could benefit you then an application is made using your details and documents to back the information up to let a fully licensed insolvency practitioner decide if the plan can be taken on and put forward to become a Scottish Protected Trust Deed. Before the Trust Deed application can be signed off there are several checks completed to ensure this plan will not make matters worse for yourself such as the equity in your home and property value, if you would be at risk losing your home the case will simply be rejected.

If you are struggling with £5000 of debt or more get in touch and let someone explain how the plan can help or simply will not work.

Here at we can help individuals write off up to 75% of their unsecured debt and be debt free in just four years using government legislation called a Scottish Protected Trust Deed, if you either use our details to get in touch below or leave your details on our site and someone will be in touch to assist.