Write off up to 81%* of your debt

Scottish residents can use Government legislation to prevent bankruptcy and be debt free in just four years with a Scottish Trust Deed

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It is often difficult to deal with the stress of debt worries and not easy to open up, that is why we make sure someone friendly is there to help you along the way


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It’s not easy facing your debts or creditors, with Scottish Trust Deed we will arrange for an advisor to help take the stress away 

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The advisors that we introduce you to will not charge a setup fee for a Scottish Trust Deed

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Advantages of a Scottish Trust Deed

Using the Scottish Government legislation, a Scottish Trust Deed can offer the following benefits plus more

Debts that a Scottish Trust Deed can include

Generally a Scottish Trust Deed can include any unsecured debt, such as loans, credit cards, overdrafts, store cards, catalogues, utility arrears, old phone bills, council tax arrears, rent arrears, HMRC & DWP debts and much more!

Credit Cards

Sheriff Officer Debts

Store Cards

Bank Debts

What is a scottish trust deed?

A Scottish Trust Deed is a form of insolvency that prevents you going Bankrupt. This is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors that will generally get you debt free in just four years.

Freeze Interest & Charges

Stop charges getting in the way of getting you debt free

Be Debt Free in Just 4 Years

Be debt free in a realistic time frame

Debts Under Control

Stop your debts spiralling out of control by consolidation them into one affordable plan

Are your debts time barred / 'statute barred'?

Check if you qualify to write off debt you cannot afford

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